First Year Opportunities

Ways for First Years to Get Involved:

·         Apply to the First Year Interfaith Dinner Club—meet with fellow students from diverse religious and spiritual traditions and engage in meaningful conversations across differences.  The Interfaith Dinner Club will meet three times this quarter, beginning with a retreat, and then for two hours on two Wednesday evenings!  (application attached below)

·         Apply to be a First Year Intern—every year ORSL hires a first year to serve on the staff! 

·         Join the Interfaith Council! - First meeting is Wednesday, September 12, 8:00-9:30pm

·         Attend the First Year Bread Baking Retreat during winter quarter! 

·         Join us for Friday Community Reflection (11:05 in Stetson Chapel). 

          Many count as First Year Forums!

To apply, connect with a group or learn what is happening this week, join the ORSL Weekly mailing list.  We will send a weekly update on applications and events.  Send an email to with ORSL Weekly in the subject line.  Or sign up on our "Get Connected" page!

More information:
Chaplain Liz Candido , 269-337-7361

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