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Community Reflection 11am Friday

Week 1, Friday, April 1

Little White Lies (and Big Ones)—Join the Interfaith Student Leaders for a reflection on the lies we tell, the ones our parents told us, and all the other lies that make the world go-round.

Week 2, Friday, April 8

Why We Play-- An annual community reflection focused on giving campus a sense of the greater purpose and meaning in athletics. Sponsored by the Athletic Department.

Week 3, Friday, April 15

Stepping Back: Reflections on Identity Abroad and Away—All are welcome for a reflection focusing on how student’s identities change after time abroad or away.   Sponsored by the Center for International Programs.

Week 4, Friday, April 22

Founders Day— Celebrating 183 years of community

Week 5, Friday, April 29

More than Service: Working Together for Social Change—How do we practice civic engagement and “service” in our communities and the communities of others?  How do we practice reciprocal relationships and what does that mean?  Join The Center for Civic Engagement for this thoughtful celebration of our work together. 

Week 6, Friday, May 6

Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Memorial Service—Come hear students speak about what remembering the Holocaust means to them on a personal or communal level.  Sponsored by the Jewish Student Organization

Week 7, Friday, May 13

Failure— Hear faculty and staff, along with current students, talk about their experiences of failure and what they learned from those experiences. Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders. 

Week 8, Friday, May 20

Imagining a More Just World: Personal Reflections on Justice and Change —Come hear stories of social justice leadership and be encouraged to think of how your own passions can translate into transformative action.  Sponsored by the ACSJL.

Week 9, Friday, May 27

The Cauldron --  Join us for the unveiling of the 2016 Cauldron.   Find out who wins this year’s Divine Crow Award and hear the winning pieces read.  Sponsored by The Cauldron.

Week 10, Friday, June 3

Sacred Music Celebration—Celebrate the diversity of students’ religious, cultural and spiritual traditions through the medium of music. Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders.


Interested in applying for a week of Community Reflection time? 

You and/or your group need to fill out the application you find below.  All applications are due Monday of 8th week the preceding quarter.  Decisions are typically made by the end of 9th week.  Applications are judged on a variety of characteristics.  The selection committee tends to favor events that lead listeners/participants through a thoughtful, reflection on a matter of meaning or importance.  The committee tends to reject applications that come across as an advertisement for a group or a subject.  We hope that everyone who leaves community reflection feels that they have been challenged to think and feel in a new way.    If you have any other questions, contact Chaplain Candido at

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