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Kalamazoo College

Community Reflection 11:05am Friday

Week 1, Friday, January 12 
MLK Day:  The annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Reflection is an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to speak from their own experience/heart on this year's theme:  What is your position in times of challenge and controversy?

Week 2, Friday, January 19   
Feeding Our Roots:  What types of food do you eat?  Where do they come from?  Join us for a reflection on food that reaches beyond the local food movement to consider structural inequities in our industrialized food system.  Sponsored by the Just Food Collective

Week 3, Friday, January 26
Why We Play:  An annual community reflection to give the campus a sense of the greater purpose and meaning in athletics and to welcome our alumni home.  Sponsored by the Athletic Department

Week 4, Friday, February 2
Autism Awareness:  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) presents itself in a variety of ways.  Join the Young Adult Program for a celebration of neurodiversity from the perspectives of those with autism, their parents, and friends.

Week 5, Friday, February 9

Midwinter Break Day, No Community Reflection

Week 6, Friday, February 16
Valentine's Day:  Come hear stories of love; love for one's self, love for another and love for our communities.  Join the Interfaith Student Leaders for a nontraditional reflection on this holiday of love.

Week 7, Friday, February 23
Desis as South Asian 'American':  In the mainstream media, there are very few representations of the lives, cultures, and stories of Desi people.  Join K Desi as we share our stories of being South Asian-American within American culture.

Week 8, Friday, March 2   
Why We Do Art at K:  Join students from diverse artistic mediums to discuss how and why they pursue their passion for art and creativity at K.  Last year 22 percent of the student body participated in on-campus art events.  We invite you to discuver why.  Sponsored by the Theatre, Art and Music Departments

Week 9, Friday,March 9
Toxic Masculinity:  This reflection aims to spark a conversation about masculinity, male socialization and the perpetuation of patriarchy.  Join us in reflecting on how notions of masculinity affect men and women on campus and beyond.  Sponsored by the Interfaith Student Leaders

Week 10, Friday, March 16
Reaching Across the World in Kalamazoo:  Join us as we share experiences of reaching across cultural, religious and national boundaries to connect with refugee families in the Kalamazoo area.  Sponsored by Margie Stinson and the Refugee Outreach Collective


Interested in applying for a week of Community Reflection time? 

You and/or your group need to fill out the application you find below.  All applications are due Monday of 8th week the preceding quarter.  Decisions are typically made by the end of 9th week.  Applications are judged on a variety of characteristics.  The selection committee tends to favor events that lead listeners/participants through a thoughtful, reflection on a matter of meaning or importance.  The committee tends to reject applications that come across as an advertisement for a group or a subject.  We hope that everyone who leaves community reflection feels that they have been challenged to think and feel in a new way.    If you have any other questions, contact Chaplain Candido at