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Community Reflection

Community Reflections Fall 2014-- Every Friday of the Quarter at 11am in Stetson Chapel

Week 1, Friday, September 19

We Don’t Know How to Talk to Each Other—We all come from different places and no one talks across difference well.  We get it wrong, mess it up, and end up embarrassed.  There are real risks involved.  But we need to keep the conversation alive or we risk silencing ourselves and others. Come hear from faculty, staff and students in this first Secret Conversation!   


Week 2, Friday, September 26

Crossing Cultures:  Calvert Johnson in Concert Part of the Without Borders Conference, Master Organist Calvert Johnson '71 will perform organ music crossing borders of European, North American, African-American, Asian, and Latin American cultures. There will be the opportunity for some audience participation.


Week 3, Friday, October 3 

Is There a Space for Me Here? If you break from the larger community’s expectation of behavior or appearance, it can feel like you aren’t validated or that you simply don’t exist.  The community is depleted and our souls are damaged by not seeing and receiving the richness of our whole community.    Come, create space in this second Secret Conversation.

Week 4, Friday, October 10 

Intimate Partner Violence AwarenessOctober is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month.  We will remember those in our community who face daily violence as well as the history of K’s own struggle to become a place free of violence.

Week 5, Friday, October 17

More in a Lifetime—Alumni share how their K-Plan, coupled with their professional experiences, have helped shape career choices and personal decisions in their "Lives After K." Co-sponsored by the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) and the Office of Alumni Relations.

Week 6, Friday, October 24Midwinter Break – No classes.

Week 7, Friday, October 31 

Honors Day Convocation—This service is a time to present special awards to students for their accomplishments in a particular area during the previous academic year.  Please come and support your fellow students as they receive their awards.

Week 8, Friday, November 7

My Family Isn’t Like Your Family Not everyone’s family structure is simple or adheres to the nuclear norm.  Not everyone is an autonomous actor sent “away” to college and not everyone wants to be separate from their family.  The truth is that my family isn’t like your family.  Come join us in this Secret Conversation.


Week 9, Friday, November 14 
Money Drives Academics—How much is your degree worth?  How much debt is too much?  Money pushes our academics in directions we wouldn’t otherwise go.  The truth is that we all buy into and resist the corporate model of academics.  We all pay something to be here.  Come hear more in our quarter’s last Secret Conversations.

Week 10, Friday, November 21
Thanksgiving CelebrationAs we head into the Holiday season, join the Interfaith Student Leaders in a reflection on Thanksgiving, gratitude and our role in preserving and establishing community in our lives.  There will be hand-turkey crafts!


Interested in applying for a week of Community Reflection time? 

You and/or your group need to fill out the application you find below.  All applications are due Monday of 8th week the preceding quarter.  Decisions are typically made by the end of 9th week.  Applications are judged on a variety of characteristics.  The selection committee tends to favor events that lead listeners/participants through a thoughtful, reflection on a matter of meaning or importance.  The committee tends to reject applications that come across as an advertisement for a group or a subject.  We hope that everyone who leaves community reflection feels that they have been challenged to think and feel in a new way.    If you have any other questions, contact Chaplain Candido at

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