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Community Reflection

Community Reflections Winter 2015-- Every Friday of the Quarter at 11am in Stetson Chapel

Week 1, Friday, January 9

Civic Disengagement—Join Student Commission for a conversation about the role of community, government, and the shaping of active and engaged citizens at Kalamazoo College and beyond. 

Week 2, Friday, January 16--

MLK DayThe annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Reflection is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to speak from their own experience/heart on this year’s theme: The Determination to Dream: The Courage to Achieve regardless of Barriers.--"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right."

Week 3, Friday, January 23--  Why is Happy Wrong?

If you want have fun and turn off the serious, why the social pressure not to do it?  Why does the culture of K insist that you ought to feel bad if your stress level isn’t as outrageous as others?  Is there a way to value the things that make our souls happy while still being excellent academics?  Join us for this Secret Conversation on the culture of unhappiness at K.  

Week 4, Friday, January 30  

Why We Play—An annual reflection to give the campus a sense of the greater purpose and meaning in athletics at Kalamazoo College and  also  to welcome  alumni home. Sponsored by the Athletic Department

Week 5, Friday, February 6Midwinter Break Day – No Community Reflection 

Week 6, Friday, February 13--  K College:  Where your best hasn't been good enough since 1833

Everyone feels inferior to some archetypal standard that we are falling short of achieving. Join us for this Secret Conversation where we share stories of feeling not good enough.—Ogden, Claudia

Week 7, Friday, February 20  The Index

Join us for a conversation about the ways we consume media and the importance of being an informed citizen.  Students, faculty  and community members from local media will lead the reflection. 

Week 8, Friday, February 27  Creating Space for Mental Difference

If you are living with mental illness or a mood disorder, you might feel a pressure to hide a big part of yourself.  There isn't one description of mental difference nor one process for living with it.  IF the community won’t support mental difference the burden falls to family and friends and that exhausts everyone.  Join us for a Secret Conversation where we admit that mental differences are real and impact what we need from the community. 

Week 9, Friday, March 6  
Sing-Along--   Join the Interfaith Student Leaders for a musical reflection that will warm your soul! Be prepared to sing your heart out with friends. 

Week 10, Friday, March 13
Celebrating Food on Campus—Farms to K will bridge the gap between students and campus food providers in a discussion with Creative Dining and its local partners.  Topics will include how they prepare the food we eat and what “real” food means.


Interested in applying for a week of Community Reflection time? 

You and/or your group need to fill out the application you find below.  All applications are due Monday of 8th week the preceding quarter.  Decisions are typically made by the end of 9th week.  Applications are judged on a variety of characteristics.  The selection committee tends to favor events that lead listeners/participants through a thoughtful, reflection on a matter of meaning or importance.  The committee tends to reject applications that come across as an advertisement for a group or a subject.  We hope that everyone who leaves community reflection feels that they have been challenged to think and feel in a new way.    If you have any other questions, contact Chaplain Candido at

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