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Kalamazoo College

Jewish Passover & Christian Holy Week 2018

Jewish Passover & Christian Holy Week Service Information

Many students wish to attend Passover or Holy Week services in the greater Kalamazoo Community.  Here is some information to get you connected with local communities of worship.

Passover Services

Congregation of Moses (Conservative)
2501 Stadium Dr.
Passover Services: 
If you would like to join a local family for Seder, call (269)342-5463, M-Th, 8-noon, and they will attempt to place you.  It is recommended to call as soon as possible.
                            1st Seder, 
                             2nd Seder,

Temple B'nai of Israel
 4409 Grand Prairie Rd
Passover Services: 

Chabad House
504 Sprague St.
To RSVP call 269-903-2770 / 616-706-8018 or email


Easter/Resurrection Sunday Information


Easter/Resurrection Sunday Services
 St. Tom’s Catholic Parish (421 Monroe St)
 First United Methodist Church (212 S. Park St)
 Galilee Baptist (216 N. Westnedge Avenue)
 First Congregational (345 W. Michigan Ave)
 First Baptist Church (315 W. Michigan Ave)
 First Presbyterian Church (321 W. South St)
  Second Reformed Church (2323 Stadium Drive)


Obviously, this is only a small selection of the services happening in local Christian communities.  All these churches are within walking distance from campus.  If you need help finding other services, please don’t hesitate to contact Chaplain Liz (