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Faculty and Staff

Photo taken by Eric Parker
Jeffrey Bartz
Phone: 269-337-7021

Professor of Chemistry

Professor Bartz teaches Chemical Composition and Structure, Chemical Reactivity, Physical Chemistry I, and Physical Chemistry II.  His research group works in the area of chemical dynamics, focusing on the photochemistry of NO-containing molecules.

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Dr. Furchak
Jennifer Furchak

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Professor Furchak teaches Chemical Composition and Structure, Analytical Chemistry, and Instrumental Analysis.  Her research interests are in analytical separations and spectroscopy.

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Dr. Laura Furge
Laura Furge

Professor of Chemistry, Provost

Professor Laura Furge's major area of interest is biochemistry with research interests in cytochrome P450 enzymes involved in drug metabolism. She is on the Editorial Board of the journal Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education and is a member of the following professional organizations: American Chemical Society, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and American Association for the Advancement of Science. Her personal interests include playing violin, sewing & quilting, and spending time with her family.

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Tom Massura
Phone: 269-337-7099

Instrument Technician

Tom's duties include maintaining all of the Instrumentation for the Science Division along with setting up Physics Labs. When Tom started at the College in 1987 computers were a rare thing to be found on campus. Now he maintains over 50 machines just used in the Science Division. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his 2 children when they are home from college and spending time outside.

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T. Smith
Thomas Smith
Phone: 269-337-7017

Professor of Chemistry

Professor Smith teaches the Physical Earth, Chemical Reactivity, Inorganic Chemistry, and Molecular Structure and Reactivity.

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Regina Stevens-Truss
Phone: 269-337-7330

Department Chair, Professor of Chemistry

Professor Stevens-Truss' professional area of interest is Medicinal Biochemistry. As such, she is interested in the understanding how proteins interact and how those interactions can be exploited in drug design. Currently the main focus in the lab is understanding the mechanisms underlying activity of nitric oxide synthases. In particular her work has been focused on understanding the role that nitric oxide synthase plays in Alzheimer's disease. She is a member of the American Chemical Society and of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She is on the local advisory board of the ACS Women's Commission, a platform she uses to push forth her agenda of equalizing science education for young girls, particularly underrepresented girls from K-12th grades. Her personal interests include black and white photography, watching CSI, going bowling, watching baseball (preferably live), and being at home with her family.

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Michael T. Walsh
Phone: 269-337-7022

Director of Chemistry Laboratories 

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Dr. Williams & Summer 2016 Student Researchers
Dwight Williams
Phone: 269-337-7409

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Professor Williams teaches Organic Chemistry I & II with the corresponding labs, as well as Advanced Organic Chemistry and Introductory Chemistry.  His research interests combine synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry with pharmacology.

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Blakely Tresca
Blakely Tresca
Phone: 269-337-7018

Phone:  269-337-7018  

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Professor Tresca teaches Organic Chemistry.  His research interests include Organic and Supramolecular chemistry.

Timothy Shannon
Timothy M. Shannon

Phone: 269-337-7017

Professor Shannon teaches Inorganic Chemistry.  His research includes Boron-based materials and water-based catalysis.

Visiting Professor of Chemistry
Jessica L. Stachowski
Phone: 269-337-7020

Professor Stachowski teaches Organic Chemistry.  Her research interests include the Synthesis and Evaluation of Tirandamycin Analogs as Substrates for Cytochrome P450 Enzymes.