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Laura Lowe Furge, Ph.D.

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Chem/Biol 352/353 - Biochemistry with laboratory (Spring)

Overview of the chemical mechanisms underlying biological processes including structure and function of proteins, polysaccharides, and lipids; enzymatic catalysis and kinetics; an introduction to bioenergetics; detailed treatment of carbohydrate metabolism; survey of lipid and amino acid metabolism; and integration of metabolism. Laboratory will emphasize enzyme kinetics, protein isolation, and electrophoresis. (Also listed as CHEM 352.) Prerequisite: CHEM 220 or 224. Recommended: BIOL 246.

Chem 460/461 - Advanced Biochemistry with laboratory (Spring)

Study of selected topics in biochemistry through review articles and primary research literature, emphasizing experimental methods, critical analysis and interpretation of data, and integration of biochemical concepts. Laboratory will utilize an investigative approach to strategies of protein purification characterization and bioinformatics. AOS (NS) Prerequisite: BIOL/CHEM 352. Recommended: BIOL 246 and MATH 112.

Chem 211 - Organic Chemistry I Laboratories (Fall)

Laboratory emphasis on techniques used in the synthesis and purification of organic compounds.

Chem 220/221 - Organic Chemistry II with laboratories (Winter)

Continuation of CHEM 210 that includes classroom and laboratory study of the structure, nomenclature, chemical properties, and spectrometric identification of common organic compounds; emphasis on reaction mechanisms and organic synthesis. Intended for research-oriented natural science students with career interests in chemistry, chemical engineering, or biochemistry and related fields. Prerequisite: CHEM 210.

First Year Seminar - One in Three: Cancer Origins, Stories, and Legacy (Fall)

Writing seminar focusing on the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer, the impact of cancer on individuals and society, and cancer in different cultures in the modern world.