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14 - Kenya near Lake Naivasha x Brittany King Please


1st yr flyer 15-16

1st yr flyer 15-16 2

Be Light 2 The Light and the Dark
By Zinta Aistars
The debut novel of writer Morowa Yejidé has earned high praise and several award nominations. Its themes have roots in her K experience, and Yejidé will be on campus this month to share her work in person with the K community.


Kalamazoo College Ranks in the top 20 for Study Abroad Participation!

Kalamazoo College has again been recognized as a leader in study abroad programs for U.S. college students. According to the Institute of International Education (IIE) Open Doors publication that documents both the outbound study abroad and the inbound international student activity for U.S. colleges and universities, Kalamazoo College was ranked in the top 20 among baccalaureate institutions for its 2012-2013 outbound study abroad participation of 80.8 percent. Additionally, the number of international students coming to K now approaches ten percent.

With over 50 years of experience, Kalamazoo College through the Center for International Programs (CIP) currently sends students to 35 sites in 23 countries on 6 continents. Over the past four years, the K-College graduate participation rate in our study abroad programs is 80% to 85%.*

We offer study abroad programs of varying lengths, academic emphasis, and locations. Our goal is to provide qualified students with access to international programs which provide academically challenging coursework in an educational system whose values and methods reflect those of the local culture.

Our staff and peer advisors educate students to make an informed decision about study abroad programs and how they may help students reach educational and professional goals. We look forward to guiding you through the advising, application, orientation and pre-departure process.

Are you ready to grow in confidence, self-reliance, and maturity? Then prepare to challenge your assumptions about yourself and other cultures in a rigorous experiential education environment!

Future of International Programs Committee study is charged with:
• Examining current strengths of K’s international programs
• Identifying the potential of emerging relationships for K’s international programs
• Exploring best and promising practices at other institutions with strong international programs
• Using this information, develop a vision for and basic program elements of a financially sustainable and educationally sound program for international engagement at K in the short (1- to 3-years) and mid (3- to 7-years) term.
• Writing a position paper that lays out this vision and articulates basic program elements, along with a targeted set of questions we might ask a small set of external consultants who will help us refine this vision and our future direction. To read more click here.


We do more in four years so that our students can do more in a lifetime!

Kalamazoo College is a member of
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Intl Student Newsletter Spring 2016