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Counseling Center

Staff 2015

Welcome to the Kalamazoo College Counseling Center!

 The Counseling Center is staffed by counselors and interns who are trained to help you understand and work through your personal concerns.


Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy
The majority of our time is spent meeting with people individually to help them work through their concerns. Most of our work involves short-term counseling or psychotherapy.

Referral for Medication, Off-campus Treatment
We refer students who require medication to our health center, to our counsulting psychiatrist or to family practice physicians. We also refer those students who would prefer to work with off-campus mental health professionals.

Support Groups Offer Quarterly
We offer a variety of support groups in which students help each other find solutions to their concerns. Call 337-7190 for more information or email Click here for current groups

Educational Workshops
Our educational workshops are usually offered once per quarter and focus on topics like stress management, time management, study and reading strategies, assertiveness training, effective communication and finding your academic zone.

Personality, Learning Disability, Alcohol/Drug Assessment/Testing
We offer testing in three areas: personality assessment, learning disability assessment, and, alcohol/drug assessment. Fees are assessed for Learning Disability ($325.00- $425.00) and substance use assessments ($60.00).

We consult with students, faculty and staff about their concerns about “K” students, family members and friends.

Crisis Intervention
We work with students who are in crisis situations and assist them in getting whatever emergency help they may need.