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Academic Success

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Academic Success:Academic Zoning
"Athletes are "in the zone" when they feel focused, energized, confident, and capable of maximal performance in a seemingly effortless manner. Athletic "zoning" requires the development of athletic skills to the point that they are almost second-nature which, in turn, requires a strong motivation to succeed. Similarly, academic "zoning" requires well-honed academic skills and a strong desire to develop and use these skills. The lack of these academic skills or the inability to execute them handicaps the student, while not finding the "just right level" of anxiety can send one out of the academic zone to the panic, drone and o- zones. What follows are nine major obstacles that threaten to banish you to zones outside of your academic zone." By Dr. Alan Hill.

Overcoming Test Anxiety by Dr. Alan Hill

Making Everything Fit: Effective Time Management Learn about making the most of your time. by Dr. Pat Ponto

  • Evaluate how you spend your time now
  • Make lists
  • Assign priorities
  • Divide tasks into manageable unitsSchedule
  • Start on your schedule-and watch for interference
  • Tips
  • Benefits

Never Do Today, What You Can Do Tomorrow: Overcoming Procrastination
"The prices of procrastination are well-known: all-niters, missed opportunities, poor grades, penalties for late assignments or arrivals, anger from others for not coming through or getting the job done, feeling guilty and depressed that you aren't accomplishing much, and always feeling behind and under the gun as assignments pile up. So, there must be some important payoffs to putting-up with these high prices of putting-off." By Dr. Alan Hill.

Date Rape

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Depression and Bipolar

Feeling Good:  Beating the Blues
Identifying and Overcoming Depression. By Dr. Pat Ponto. 
The nation’s leading patient-directed organization focusing on the
most prevalent mental illnesses–depression and bipolar disorder.

Eating Disorders

Tips to Overcoming an Eating Disorder From Women who Have Recovered
22 insights for healthy choices. By Barb Small, M.A. This is the official site for the National Eating Disorder Information
Centre. On this site, you will find general information on eating
disorders. Additionally, you will find a guide for family and friends
of a person experiencing weight and food problems.
This site offers some great information on how to help a friend with an
eating disorder..
This site contains a great amount about all facets of eating disorders. From the main page, click on “eating disorders info.”

Beyond Physicial Appearances: A Guide to Anorexia

Overcoming Eating Disorders


Grieving: Some questions, Some Answers
Grieving is the natural and healthy process by which we will come to terms with the impact of a tragic loss. Grieving weaves our “unruly” and disturbing experiences back into the tapestry of our lives. Though we will always have an ache in our heart, grieving will gradually bring us acceptance, peace of mind, a sense of integrity and hope." By Dr. Alan Hill

Mental Health

To leverage the anonymity of the Internet and its popularity among young adults, the Jed Foundation has created, a Web-based resource that will provide students with a nonthreatening and supportive link to their respective college's mental health center as well as important mental health information. Our health center is registered.

Ulifeline Self Evaluator:

Mindfullness Audio Scripts

Relaxation Resources

Student Counseling & Resource Service

The University of Chicago
Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection
The best College Websites on Anxiety, ADD, Eating Disorders, Learning Disabilities Depression/Suicide, Stress, Test Anxiety etc.

Substance Use/Abuse

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

Transition Year

Your roadmap to emotional health at college starts at this site. Transition Year