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REU - Summer Research Possibilities

This list of Summer Research sites are based on information we have received from the respective respective institutions.  Deadlines range form the end of January through March, depending on the program.  Sites are often not updated by the institution until late in the fall quarter, some as late as January.  So keep checking.if you have an interest.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation - internships for female undergraduates


Auburn University

Carnegie Mellon - Software Research

Carnegie Mellon - Human-Computer Interaction Institute

DePaul University - Medical Informatics

Florida Atlantic University

George Mason University

Google Summer of Code

Illinois Institute of Technology - BigDataX

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Louisiana State University

Marquette University

Michigan State University

Michigan State University - another one =)

National Security Agency - Deadline is Oct.

New York Institute of Technology

NSF Program Listings

Ohio Wesleyan University

Rochester Institute of Technology

The Santa Fe Institute

Texas A&M

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Washington University in St. Louis

University of Michigan

University of North Texas