Departmental Student Advisor (DSA)

COMP_Sunden.jpgComputer Science Senior Departmental Student Advisor (DSA) for 2018-19

Alex Cadigan

Senior major who enhances academic advising and provides an additional resource for other Computer Science majors especially first and second year students.


A little bit from Alex:

  • The best thing about the computer science department is the collaborative community that the students and professors have built.
  • My biggest piece of advise on how to get connected to the computer science department is to talk with the professors. They are extremely helpful and encouraging, and they love working with students. Ask them questions about classes, questions about the computer science major/minor, or talk to them about things that interest you within the computer science discipline.
  • The most valuable thing I've learned at K is that you have to work hard to accomplish your goals. Nothing is going to simply fall into your lap.
  • My favorite class at K was COMP-110, Intro to Programming in Java. The class was very hands-on, and there were many fun and interactive projects and assignments. I learned so much about programming, and the class gave me a strong foundation to build off of in the upper level classes.