Faculty & Staff



Alyce Brady 14Alyce Brady, Ph. D., Rosemary K. Brown Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Interests: Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Computer Science Education

Office: 203G Olds/Upton Hall
Phone: 269-337-7065
Email: alyce.brady@kzoo.edu



Pam CutterPam Cutter, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Computer Science
Interests: Computer Science Education, Computational Number Theory, Mobile Apps

Office: 203F Olds/Upton Hall
Phone: 269-337-7064
Email: pam.cutter@kzoo.edu




Sandino Vargas PerezSandino Vargas-PĂ©rez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Interests: High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Computational Genomics, Data Structures and Compression

Office: 208D Olds/Uptons Hall
Phone: 269-337-7564
Email: sandino.vargasperez@kzoo.edu



Related Faculty and Staff

erdiPeter Erdi, Ph. D., Henry R. Luce Professor of Complex Systems Studies

Office: 208B Olds/Upton Hall
Phone: 269-337-5720
Email: peter.erdi@kzoo.edu



Jan TobochnikJan Tobochnik, Ph. D., Dow Distinguished Professor of Natural Science

Office: 208A Olds/Upton Hall
Phone: 269-337-7098
Email: jan.tobochnik@kzoo.edu



Kristen EldredKristen Eldred, Office Coordinator

Office: 203 Olds/Upton Hall
Phone: 269-337-7100
Email: kristen.eldred@kzoo.edu