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Welcome to the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership (ACSJL) is an initiative of Kalamazoo College whose mission is to develop and sustain leaders in human rights and social justice through education and capacity-building.

We envision a campus and world where:

  • every person's life is equally valued,
  • the inherent dignity of all people is recognized,
  • the opportunity to develop one’s full potential is available to every person, and
  • systematic discrimination and structural inequities have been eradicated.

Learn more about us and our goals here.




Rawand Issa



12/14/17 WMED Students Working to Address Race-Based Health Inequity During Fellowship with Arcus Center at Kalamazoo College 

11/29/17 Author's Research Documents Capitalism of Slavery in Charleston 

10/17/17 Race and Social Justice Initiative Welcomes Visiting Scholar

8/23/17 ACSJL Summer Intern Creates African Americans in Hollywood Display at National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

8/22/17 ACSJL Summer Intern on Institutional Racism in Woodrow Wilson's America featured on National Archives' "Rediscovering Black History" blog

7/5/17 Kalamazoo Passes County ID For All Residents. Read the Full Kalamazoo County ID Report.

2/13/17 Queer, Muslim, an immigrant and female: Urooj Arshad has every reason to fear the Trump Administration

1/3/17 ACSJL Student Fellow Starts Human Rights Care in Zimbabwe

10/26/16 Arcus Center's New Art: “Traveling to Turiya: The Future Mapping Project”

10/26/16 With/Out ¿Borders? 2016 Conference is a Success

9/12/16 Dr. Christine Hahn named new ACSJL Faculty Fellow

5/9/16 Life's Imperative: Social Justice in Science

5/6/16 Book by ACSJL Global Advisory Board Member Christina Heatherton Policing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter

4/23/16 ACSJL Global Advisory Board Member Gloria Rolando’s New Film “Diálogo con mi abuela”

4/20/16 Participants Announced, Applications Open for 2016 With/Out ¿Borders? Conference at Kalamazoo College

3/4/16 Jeanne Gang named Architect of the Year for ACSJL Building

1/31/16 Justin, James, and Jermaine: The SIP (Senior Individualized Project) Story You Want to Know About by ACSJL Student Fellow Justin Danzy

12/04/15 ACSJL Global Advisory Board Member Gay McDougall Receives Highest Honor in South Africa for Work Against Apartheid

12/02/15 Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College Selects Four Local Activists for Inaugural Regional Fellowship Program



For more information about how you can use the space or partner with ACSJL, visit our building page.

If you have any questions, please contact the ACSJL here or by calling (269) 337-7398.