Welcome to the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership (ACSJL) is an initiative of Kalamazoo College whose mission is to develop and sustain leaders in human rights and social justice through education and capacity-building.

We envision a campus and world where:

  • every person's life is equally valued,
  • the inherent dignity of all people is recognized,
  • the opportunity to develop one’s full potential is available to every person, and
  • systematic discrimination and structural inequities have been eradicated.

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The most powerful participatory element of this project involves the time and intention required of volunteers to meticulously fill out the 3,200 individual toe tags that represent each person who has died. After all are complete, each tag will be applied to the map as the central part of the installation. Because this project can elicit strong emotions we will be providing a wide range of support resources as well as suggestions for how to take action towards more humane immigration and refugee policies.


PRAXIS CENTER: Praxis Center is an online blog and website where short rigorous essays of current relevance are produced each week for teaching and social justice activism. 

Praxis Center


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Angela Davis and Charlene Carruthers in Conversation about Black Lives Matter, Then and Now at ACSJL



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