The ACSJL offers fellowships to Kalamazoo College faculty, staff, and students,   visiting activists, artists,  and public intellectuals as a way to introduce new scholarship, energy, and social justice activity and engagement to the Kalamazoo College campus and the Kalamazoo community. 

Faculty and Staff Fellowships provide Kalamazoo College employees with time away from the day-to-day activities of their positions on campus, in order to deeply engage in a social justice and human rights initiative of their design.  The ACSJL encourages faculty members from all departments and staff members from all offices and of all positions to apply for these fellowship opportunities.

Fellowships for visiting activists, artists, public intellectuals, and faculty provide an opportunity to rest, recharge, renew, reflect and develop new approaches to social justice activism and scholarship.  In turn, Visiting Fellows will bring experience, insights, opportunities, and new perspectives to the Kalamazoo College community. 

Additional information about these fellowship opportunities can be found through the links to your left.  Please contact the staff of the ACSJL, if you have any questions.