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Kalamazoo College

Activist in Residence

As of July 2016, the Visiting Fellows is now the Activist-In-Residence program. 

The Activist-in-Residence program will host activists from around the world on campus for 1–2 weeks to bring the Kalamazoo College community new perspectives and approaches to social justice work that are informed by current movements and campaigns for change. This is a residency program where activists are compensated for their time and stay in the ACSJL guesthouse for the duration of their visit, taking a break from their day-to-day work.

Candidates for the Activist-In-Residence program can nominate themselves or be nominated by the ACSJL Global Advisory Board or a member of the Kalamazoo College community. They may be individuals or members of an organization, making up a shared or joint residency. However, a joint residency will share the stipend and guest house.

Selected residents will be connected to a social justice issue or campaign that is pressing on campus or in the world. Therefore, participation will be solicited and selection will occur on a rolling basis with no more than three (3) residencies offered during the academic year (September – June).  Residents will be selected by the ACSJL Staff and Advisory Board.

In 2018, we will launch a database where candidates can complete a profile which will be used to make selections. Until then, potential candidates can email their proposals to Proposals should include 1) name(s) and contact information, 2) requested residency dates and duration, 3) experience in social movement activism 4) types of workshops and trainings you plan to offer during the residency, and 5) relevance of proposal to a current social justice issue on campus or in the news.