Transformative Leadership

Transformational leadership features inspired, collective vision towards structural change in the areas of human rights and social justice; the pursuit of that vision is done in collaboration with others and changes those who are committed to the work.  It utilizes the strengths of all those involved and inspires personal growth in everyone connected.   

The Global Prize for Transformative Social Justice Leadership seeks entries that:

  • Utilize the strengths of communities involved, maintains the trust of those most impacted, and inspires personal growth in everyone connected (TRANSFORMATIVE)
  • Are driven by the voices, needs or leadership of the people most impacted by the issues addressed (GRASSROOTED)
  • Aim to create systemic or structural change (SYSTEMIC)
  • Attack root causes and have relevance beyond their own community (IMPACTFUL)
  • Contribute to building movements for justice by making connections across gender, race, age, sexuality, ability, issue, nation, organization, religion, and identity (INTERSECTIONAL)
  • Lead us into new territory and create new possibilities (INNOVATIVE)
  • Support a leadership structure that includes people from various generations, including those under 30 (INTERGENERATIONAL)
  • Risk personal, professional, or organizational safety or status, if necessary, to ensure justice (RISK-TAKING)
  • Commit to shared decision-making, credit-sharing and/or consensus with multiple communities (COLLABORATIVE)
  • Demonstrate need for attention and support to spark public consciousness and take work to next level (NEEDS VISIBILITY)