Diversity and Inclusion

Kalamazoo College is committed to fostering a campus climate and academic experience in which our diverse community of learners can thrive. 

In recent years, K has made great strides in enrolling a significantly more diverse student body in terms of race/ethnicity and country of origin (see chart below). The student body has also become much more diverse in family income level, geography, and first-generation status.  This achievement in representational diversity is indispensable and will continue, but is only one aspect of the work.Graph of racial diversity growth at Kalamazoo College 2008-2019

As is true on most campuses, our aspirations are more advanced than our reality.  K has much more work to do to ensure that our campus is experienced as inclusive and equitable. 

 The work will involve every member of the Kalamazoo College community and will likely be characterized by struggle as well as progress.  We embrace both struggle and progress as we immerse ourselves in the difficult and rewarding work of institutional transformation.