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Uploading & Managing Files/Assets

Upload, edit, and manage your assets from the blue site administration screen.

Upload an Asset

  1. Access the blue "Assets" menu (indicated above)
  2. Click the "Add Asset" button:
    Add Asset button
  3. Fill out the fields of the Edit Asset screen to upload your image.
  4. Click Save and Finish to submit your changes.

Link to an Asset

  1. First upload the Asset from the blue menu.
  2. Edit the page you wish to link the asset from.
  3. Highlight the text you wish to link the asset to.
  4. Click the "Link" icon on the rich text editor (Icon: Link), select the "an existing item" tab, and then the "Assets" section of that tab:
    Link Menu: Assets
  5. Select your asset from the "Asset" dropdown menu and click OK.
  6. Click Save and Finish on your page to submit your changes.

Associate an Asset / Add "Related Documents"

  1. Edit the page (in Reason Admin, not inline) that you wish to create a "Related Documents" section on.
  2. In the Yellow Menu on the page you are editing, click ASSETS (pdfs, etc), which will bring up the "Selecting Asset" screen.
  3. Click Select next to the asset that you wish to associate with your page and place in the "Related Documents" section:
    Select an Asset Screen Shot
  4. On the Yellow Menu, click Finish to submit your changes to Reason.
  • How to Restrict File Access

    Require people to log in before they can view your asset, and specify which groups people can (or cannot) view it.
  • Settings & Fields

    Explanation of the settings and entry fields in the asset editing screen.