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Asset Settings & Entry Fields

*Denotes required field.

Your asset name is used internally within Reason to identify your asset, and is also displayed when you associate an asset as a Related Document.

The description will appear below the name in the "Related Documents" feature section on the right column of your page.

Keywords should be short words that people may use to find your asset, either within Reason or within a search engine (like Google).

If necessary, the author identifies who wrote the document you are uploading or editing.

The content field allows you to include a longer description of the document if needed.

The file field is what allows you to select and upload the asset from your computer.

  • When uploading a new asset, click Choose a File...
  • When replacing an existing asset, click Choose a New File...

Limit Access
Allows you to restrict access to the asset (allowing only a certain group of people to view it). Read more about this on our How to Restrict File Access help page.


  • Shared indicates that other Kalamazoo College Reason sites may "borrow" the asset. You maintain editorial control and your updates are automatically pushed to the borrowing site. 
  • Private indicates that the asset may not be borrowed by other Reason sites. It does not hide the asset or restrict viewing access on your site.