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Blog/Publications Settings & Entry Fields

*Denotes required field.

*Publication Name
Appears at the top of your blog/publication page.

Example: "Tips, Tricks, & Helpful Hints: A Blog by Web Services"

*Publication Type
Select whether this is more of a "Blog" or a "Newsletter" style publication.

*Posts Per Page
This setting will indicate how many posts will appear on your blog/publication web page.

*RSS feed URL
Write a single word so that those who use RSS can easily subscribe to your blog.

Appears above all blog posts.

Date Format
How the date is displayed on your post.

Allow Front End Posting
Checkbox this to allow posting directly from your live website (instead of from the blue site administration screen).

New Post Notification
This will send an e-mail any time someone posts to this blog.

*Hold Posts For Review
If you are concerned about quality assurance, you can check this to require approval before posts are published.

Allow Comments
Check to allow commenting on your blog; uncheck to disable commenting.

New Comment Notification
This will send an e-mail every time you get a comment on the blog to the indicated usernames.

*Hold Comments For Review
Set to "yes" if you wish to approve comments before they are posted. Recommended if you allow public commenting; not recommended if you have commenting restricted to the K Community.

Selecting "yes" will enable you to group posts by issue number (instead of standard chronological display)

Broken into sections?
Similar to issue grouping, but sections instead of issues.