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A blurb is a bit of text that appears in the right column of your page (see example at right). You can also include links and images in a blurb.

Create a New Blurb on a Page

  1. Edit the page (in Reason Admin, not inline) that you would like to have a blurb.
  2. On the Yellow Menu, click BLURBS:
    Yellow Menu: Blurb Focus
  3. Click Add Text Blurb, which will take you to the Adding Text Blurb screen:
    Add Text Blurb Button
  4. Provide a "Title" to identify the blurb within Reason (the Title is not visible on your website) and use the text editor to create your blurb.
  5. Click Save and Finish to submit your changes and create your blurb on the page you are editing.

Edit an Existing Blurb

You can edit blurbs from a variety of places:

  • From Inline Editing,
  • From the yellow menu of the page they are associated with (the "BLURBS" link), and
  • From the blue site administration menu under the "Text Blurbs" link:

Blue Menu: Blurb Focus

Add an Existing Blurb to a Page

You can also associate existing blurbs with pages. To associate a blurb with a page:

  1. Edit the page (in Reason Admin, not inline) that you wish to associate an existing blurb with.
  2. On the Yellow Menu, click BLURBS:
  3. Click Select next to the blurb you would like to associate with your page:
    Select Blurb
  4. On the left Yellow Menu, click Finish to submit your changes to Reason.