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Course Listing & Program Requirements

The "Course Listing" and "Program Requirement" features are linked directly to our Kalamazoo College catalog. All associated information will be automatically populated on your website, and updated every year as the catalog is updated (see examples here and here).

Why List Courses & Requirements This Way?

Linking these pages to the catalog means you don't have to update them! It also makes sure that our students are getting the same, accurate information wherever they view it.

Why Can't I Update This Page?

The information pulled into this page comes directly from the catalog, so you cannot change any of the course descriptions from this web page.

If you need to correct (or edit) something on your "Course Listing" or "Program Requirement" page, please submit it to the registrar so that they can update the information in the catalog.

Once it is updated in the catalog, it should reflect the updates on your web page.