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Events & Calendar

Reason Events are used in the following places:

  • The common Campus Calendar
  • "Happening This Week" on the Hornet Hive Portal
  • "This Week at K" email newsletter, sent campus-wide
  • Our Mobile App
  • Personal calendars (Outlook, Google, etc) of those who subscribe the the Campus Calendar
  • Departmental Reason Calendar pages

Add New Events

  1. Click Events on the blue Site Administration screen:
    Blue Menu: Events Focus
  2. Click the "Add Event" button, which brings up the "Adding Event" screen:
    Add Event button
  3. Fill out the Event Settings & Entry Fields.
  4. Click Save and Finish to create your event.

Event calendars will automatically display any events you create on your Reason website (see example).

Unlike most other items (like images, assets, blurbs, forms, etc.), you do not need to "select" or "associate" events to appear on the event calendar: all existing events in your Reason website will appear automatically.

Create an Events Page

  1. Edit an existing page (in Reason Admin, not inline) that you wish to make into a Calendar of Events or create a new page.
  2. Set your "Type of Page" to "CALENDAR OF EVENTS"
  3. Click Save and Finish to submit your changes and create your event calendar.