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Event Settings & Entry Fields

*Denotes required field

Date, Time, and Duration of Event
Allows you to fill out the time & date of the event, which will appear on your event calendar on the date you specify

Title and Description

  • *Event Title shows directly on the calendar the name of your event
  • Brief Description of Event allows you write a short summary of your event, which will show in the "This Week at K" email newsletter and on the event listing.
  • Location where the event is held.

Other Information

  • Sponsoring department or organization of the event, if one exists.
  • Username of Contact Person should be the network username, which will automatically fill in the correct name and e-mail address of that person directly on the event information page (but not on the calendar page). 
  • Contact Department or Group should be the group or department directly associated with the contact person, not the group that is putting on the event.
  • URL for More Info will appear on the event information page (but not the calendar page) as "For more information, visit" Note: You must include the http:// on all web addresses, or it will not work.
  • Full Event Information can include text, pictures, links, and whatever else you may like to include.
  • Categories are required; create a category for your event, or borrow one of the MASTER CALENDAR categories that display on the common Campus Calendar.


  • Audiences allows you to specify which audience(s) the event is aimed at. Visibility does not restrict access to content: everyone will be able to view all events, and can choose to filter by audience.
  • Show or Hide allows you to hid the event from all listings
  • Sharing is default and means the event will show up on the master calendar. Set this to Private if you only want the event to show up on your minisite calendar.
    Event Visibility Settings