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Faculty/Staff Listing

Faculty/staff listings are a page type that will automatically display the individual faculty/staff profiles that you build on your Reason website (see example).

Learn how to:

Add a Faculty/Staff Item

  1. Click Faculty / Staff on the blue Site Administration screen:
    Blue Menu: Faculty/Staff
  2. Click Add Faculty/Staff button.
  3. Enter the K "Username" of the faculty/staff member.
  4. Enter any descriptive information under the "Personal Information" field (do not add contact information, which is generated automatically).
  5. Click Save and Continue Editing to submit your changes so far.
  6. If desired, click Choose Faculty/Staff Photo to assign an image:
  7. Click Finish to create your faculty/staff item.

Create a Faculty/Staff Listing Page

  1. Edit an existing page (in Reason Admin, not inline) that you wish to make into a faculty/staff listing or create a new page.
  2. Set your "Type of Page" to "Faculty/Staff Listing"
  3. Click Save and Finish to submit your changes and create your Faculty/Staff Listing page.

Sort the Listing

From the site admin page,

1) click Faculty / Staff on the blue menu. 

2) On the Faculty/Staff page, click Sort these items

3) use the crosshatch cursor to drag names to correct order

4) click Save

Sorting Faculty/Staff List