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Form Settings & Entry Fields

*Denotes required field

Used to identify the form within the Reason Admin (internal use only). This name will not be displayed anywhere on your website.

Save to Database?

  • "Yes" saves all form responses within Reason to an exportable database.
  • "No" requires the form to be e-mailed directly to an e-mail address.

Read about how to manage submitted form data.

Email of Recipient
Address(es) where the form should be sent; can be used alongside database option.

*Form Content
Use the Form Editor to create your form with the Toolbar Options below

Icon Name Description
Form Editor: Insert Text Field Insert Text Field (small amount of text)
Used when student is responding to a question when not much text is needed.  Examples: Address or Phone number.
Form Editor: Insert Textarea Insert Text Area (large amount of text)
Used when student is responding to a question when a large amount of text is needed.  Example: an essay question.
Form Editor: Insert Checkbox Insert Check Box (group)
Used when a student needs to multi-select from a list of options.  Example: How did you hear of this opportunity?  Select all that apply.
Form Editor: Insert Radio Button Insert Radio Button (group)
Used when a student needs to single-select from a list of options.  Example: What is your graduation year?
Form Editor: Insert Select Field Insert Select Field
Used when you want students to select one response from a drop down menu.
Form Editor: Insert Hidden Field Insert Hidden Field
This field does not show up on the form for the end user, but it is included in the database and/or email results.
Form Editor: Insert Text Description Insert Text Description/Comment
Used when a description of the section or question is needed, without action by the end-user.

Autofilling of Fields
See the Autofilling of Fields section of this documentation.

*Thank You Note
This message appears after a user has submitted the form on your page. You can also choose the following options to appear alongside your Thank You message:

  • Display Return Link? Set to "Yes" to provide a link back to the original form page.
  • Show Submitted Data: Set to "Yes" for your user to see the data that they submitted to you on the form

Limiting and Scheduling
*Note: for restricting who can fill out a form, see our How to Restrict Form Access page.

You can choose to limit a web form by number of entries or choose to have an opening/closing date.

  • Submission Limit: the maximum number of form submissions you would like to accept.
  • Open Date: Set a date when web visitors can begin filling out a form.
  • Close Date: Set a date after which web visitors will can no longer fill out the form.