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How to Restrict Form Access

If you want to create a form for just people at K (instead of, say, the whole world), Reason lets you do that by restricting access.

Requiring a log-in for forms also allows you to use the Autofill feature.

Restrict Who can Fill Out a Form

  1. From the blue site administration screen, click Forms:
  2. Click Edit next to the form that you wish to restrict.
  3. Click Choose group that can fill out the form, which will bring up the Selecting Group screen:
    Yellow Menu: Form Choose Group
  4. Click Select next to the group you wish to be able to fill out the form (for example, "Authenticated Users" if you only want those with a K login to fill out the form):
    Autofill Options Select Authenticaed Users
    *Note: If you do not see the the appropriate group, borrow one from Information Services or borrow your own.
  5. Click Finish on the yellow menu to submit your changes and require log in for your form.