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Adding Images

Upload, edit, and manage your images from the blue site administration screen:

Upload an Image

  1. Access the blue "Images" menu.
  2. Click Add Image:
    Add Image Button
  3. Fill in the Image Settings & Entry Fields and click Choose a file... button to select your image:
    Choose a File Button
  4. Click Save and Finish to submit your changes.

Insert an Image onto a Page

*Note: You must upload an image to your image database before you can insert it on your page.

  1. Edit the page you wish to insert an image onto.
  2. In the text editor, click the general area where you wish to place your image (your cursor should be blinking in the area you clicked).
  3. Click the "Insert Image" icon on the rich text editor:
    Text Editor Icons: Image Focus
  4. Select the image, size, and alignment that you prefer.
  5. Click OK to insert.
  6. Click Save and Finish on your page to submit your changes.

Build an Image Gallery or Slideshow

To build a gallery or slideshow, associate all images with the page and then change your page type to either "Image Gallery" or Slideshow. You can read more on our help page for