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How to Associate an Image with a Page

Associating an image to your page will display the image in the right feature column of a page:

Associated Image Screenshot 

*Note: If you have more than one image associated with a page, only one of the associated images will display on the page (selected randomly).

Associate an Image

  1. Upload the image to Reason.
  2. Edit the page you wish to associate the image with (in Reason Admin, not Inline Editing).
  3. On the yellow menu in the page editing screen, click the IMAGES option:
    Yellow Menu Images
  4. Click Select next to the item you wish to associate with your page:
    Yellow Menu: Associate / Select Image
  5. Click Finish on the yellow menu to submit your changes:
    Yellow Menu Finish

Special Page Types & Images

When you associate images on your page, you have the option of displaying them as an image gallery or slideshow. To use one of these page types, edit your page (in Reason Admin, not inline), select "IMAGE GALLERY" or "IMAGE SLIDESHOW" as the page type, and click Save and Finish to submit your changes.

Read more about "How to Build an Image Gallery or Slideshow."