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How to Build an Image Gallery or Slideshow

Image galleries and slideshows allow you to feature images on your page prominently and aesthetically. This page has the page type "IMAGE GALLERY." You can also see an example of our "IMAGE SLIDESHOW" page type as well.

Build a Gallery or Slideshow

  1. Create a new page for your image slideshow, or edit an existing one in Reason Admin (the yellow menu).
  2. Change the "Type of Page" field to "IMAGE GALLERY" or "IMAGE SLIDESHOW:"
  3. Click Save and Continue Editing to submit your progress.
  4. Click the IMAGES option on the yellow menu:
    Yellow Menu Images
  5. Associate all images that you wish to add to the gallery or slideshow. When you're done, simply click Finish on the yellow menu.

Change the Order of Images on a Slideshow or Gallery

You may want to adjust the order of images once you have associated them with your page. Here's how.

  1. Edit the image gallery or slideshow page that has the images you wish to re-order.
  2. Click the IMAGES option on the yellow menu.
  3. Click the "Sort" arrow keys to move the images up and down until they are correctly ordered:
  4. Click Finish to submit your changes.

Sample Images in a Gallery

See more examples on our Page Types section of this documentation.