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Inline media

If you prefer to host a media player on your page (instead of having people download an MP3, for example), you can choose to create a "Media Work" to associate with a page.
Listen to the Kalamazoo Philharmonia Orchestra

To create such a page, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Upload the media as an asset in Reason
  2. Retrieve Asset URL
  3. Create a new Media File with the asset you uploaded
  4. Assemble the Media Files into a Media Work
  5. Associate your Media Work with a page
  6. Request to change your Reason Page to an "Audio Video" page type

Retrieve Media Asset URL

  1. Upload your media file as an asset (if you have not already done so).
  2. Return to the Assets screen in the blue menu:
    Blue Menu: Asset Focus
  3. Click Edit next to the media asset that you just uploaded.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the editing screen, locate the "Document URL," and copy the available address:
  5. Click Finish on the Yellow Menu to return to the Blue Menu (and make no changes on the asset).

Create a New Media File

  1. Click Media Files on the Blue Menu; click the "Add Media File" orange button. 
  2. Enter a "Name" for the Media File (this will show on your Media Works page). Paste the URL you copied when retrieving the media asset URL: Screenshot media file url
  3. Complete the required File info and click Save and finish to submit your work and create your media file.

Assemble Media Files into a Media Work

  1. From the Blue Menu, click Media Works, then click the "Add Media Work" orange button. 
  2. Complete the required fields in the editing screen; be sure to select "Show this work on the public site" the work, otherwise your video or audio will not appear!
    Screenshot media work show
  3. Click Save and Finish to submit your work. You will be asked to associate one or more Media Files with the Media Work. Select whichever Media Files you wish to appear. After you have selected the desired media files, you do not need to hit "Save" anywhere.

Associate a Media Work with an Audio/Video Page

  1. Create or edit a page in Reason Admin (the Yellow Menu).
  2. From the Yellow Menu, click AV MEDIA to access your available Media Works.
  3. Click Select next to your desired Media Work(s).
  4. No save is necessary to complete your changes.
  5. If the page has not already been changed, submit a request to to change the page type to "Audio/Video"