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Yellow Menu: Page/Item Editing

Whenever you edit a page or another type of content (images, assets, blurbs, etc.), it will bring up the page/item editing screen. See more on the Page Editing screen in the "Editing Pages" section of this documentation. The editing screen is always yellow, as seen below:

Page/Item Editing (Yellow Menu)

Yellow Menu Options

The options will vary depending on what type of item you are working with (page, asset, etc.), but every yellow menu will give you the following options:

  • Preview - Provides a view of the page/item (image, asset, etc.), but does not bump you out of the Reason Admin (you will not see your page/item in the context of your live website).
  • Edit - Allows you to make changes to your page or item.
  • Finish - Leaves the Yellow Menu and enters the Site Administration (Blue Menu) screen.
  • Delete - Deletes the page/item from Reason. Sometimes you will not be able to delete your item because it has restrictions on it. These include a page that has children or an image is being borrowed by another Reason website.
  • History - Shows previous versions of the page/item that you are working on, and gives you the option to Make this version current, which will activate the older version as your current version.