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The "Assets" page type uses the main/middle section of the page to display the content  in the Content field first. Below that,  it lists all the assets that you have associated with the page, including the asset's  filesize, filetype, author's name, date, and description.

To associate assets with this page, use the Make Links to Assets (PDFs, etc) link in the yellow menu of the page item editing screen. This is the same way you would choose  assets for the sidebar of any other page type. But since the assets are displayed in the main area here, they are not displayed in the sidebar.

For more information on associating assets, see Managing Files/Assets.


Related Documents

  • Example 1 (6 KB PDF Document)
    You can "associate" assets to create a "Related Documents" section like you see here.
  • Example 2 (6 KB PDF Document)
    John Q Doe
    14 July 2008
    You can also link to assets directly from your text editor.
  • Asset example 3 (6 KB PDF Document)
    Jane Q. Doe
    21 January 2008
    Another example of an Asset
  • An Image Asset (3409 KB .jpg file)
    This has been added as an Asset in the Reason system, though it has a file type of JPEG image.