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Full Page RSS Feed Display

Select page type "Display RSS feed full page" and then click on "RSS FEED" in the yellow menu for this page. For this example, I set up a link to the Kalamazoo Gazette News blog RSS feed. The feed will display after any content entered in the Content area of the editor, such as this paragraph.

XMPP (Twitter-type) feeds do not display (in fact crash the page)

Display a custom news feed from the News & Events site

The News articles are available as RSS feeds, and there is a different feed for every tag in the News & Events "tag cloud" (the variously-sized words in the right column). The feed URL for a tag is , where tagword would be replaced with the relevant tag. For example, a fee of articles tagged “biology” is

Your feed can be displayed underneation the main content on your Reason homepage by adding as an external URL and changing the page type to “Display RSS feed full page”.

Kalamazoo News Archive

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