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CACHE (College ACademic and Historical Experience) is the digital archive of Kalamazoo College. Through CACHE, the College makes available some historical materials as well as student and faculty work.

CACHE, contains a selection of photographs, correspondence, scholarly work, and publications from the holdings of the Kalamazoo College Archives and other college entities. This resource makes unique or rare materials from Kalamazoo College collections available to students, faculty, staff, researchers, and the general public.

Note: Most student works are not publicly available.  For access to student works, contact us at dspace@kzoo.edu.

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Highlighted Collections

 CACHE contains many different collections. Some of the most interesting include:

  • Kalamazoo College Photographs - This collection includes photos of people, places, and events of Kalamazoo College from the late 1800s.
  • Kalamazoo College Publications - This collection includes Kalamazoo College yearbooks, alumni magazines, histories, and other publications created by and for the students, faculty, and staff of Kalamazoo College.

Submit Your SIP to CACHE!

Kalamazoo College students can submit SIPs to CACHE!

To submit your SIP:

  1. Make sure your SIP has a TITLE PAGE. Make sure the TITLE PAGE includes:

    1. Title of SIP
    2. Student's name
    3. Advisor’s name
    4. Department
    5. Date

    Here is an example of a correct TITLE PAGE [PDF file]

  2. Your materials can be in these electronic formats:
    1. Any version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    2. PDF
    3. JPG, GIF
    4. MP3
  3. Enroll in this Moodle course and upload your files:


    SIPs may be in PDF, Word, Excel, or RTF format. It's fine to have multiple files. Upload limit is 200 MB, so if your file is larger, email dspace@kzoo.edu and let us know so we can help.

We will convert your document to a PDF if necessary. We make all SIPs non-printable PDFs.