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Submit to CACHE


Submit Your SIP to CACHE!

Kalamazoo College students can submit SIPs to CACHE!

To submit your SIP:

  1. Make sure your SIP has a TITLE PAGE. Make sure the TITLE PAGE includes:

    1. Title of SIP
    2. Student's name
    3. Advisor’s name
    4. Department
    5. Date

    Here is an example of a correct TITLE PAGE [PDF file]

  2. Your materials can be in these electronic formats:
    1. Any version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    2. PDF
    3. JPG, GIF
    4. MP3
  3. Enroll in this Moodle course and upload your files:

    SIPs may be in PDF, Word, Excel, or RTF format. It's fine to have multiple files. Upload limit is 200 MB, so if your file is larger, email and let us know so we can help.

We will convert your document to a PDF if necessary. We make all SIPs non-printable PDFs.


Submit Your Work to CACHE!

If you're a Kalamazoo College faculty member and you have written an article or other work, submit it to CACHE!

Many commercial publishers recognize authors' rights to post preprints or postprints online. If you would like to know where your publisher stands on this issue, visit SHERPA at and search under the name of your publisher. If your publisher is not listed in SHERPA, the Library would be happy to help you investigate; contact or 337-7152.