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Dr. Ahmed Hussen




Joined the Department in 1985.  Ph.D. from Oregon State University (1979) with a field of specialization in natural resource economics.  Taught at Allegheny College for several years (1980-85), Waseda University, Japan (1990-91),  Africa University, Zimbabwe (the Fall semester of 2000 and the Spring semester of 2002), and most recently at the University of Botswana (2006-07) as a Fulbright scholar.  Chair of the Department of Economics and Business from 1988-2000 and 2004-2006.  Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee (1996-1998). 

Have taught numerous courses in applied microeconomics, applied statistics, mathematical economics, and environmental and resource economics. Recipient of the 1996 Florence J. Lucasse Lectureship award for Excellence in Teaching--the most prestigious award given to a faculty of Kalamazoo College.  Published articles on subject matters dealing with population growth and economic development; the impact of technological changes in agricultural production and total productivity; implications of the second law of thermodynamics on the substitutability of energy resource; ecosystem valuations; interrelationships of population development and the environment in the developing countries; and global warming.  Published a textbook in environmental and resource economics (First edition in 2000, Second edition in 2004, and Third edition due out in Fall 2012; Routledge publishing). Additional information about the third edition can be found here. The first edition of this book is translated into Chinese (2005).

Speeches, Lectures, and Articles

Ecological Economics And Its Implications On The Standard Methods Of Economics Analyses

The Economics Of Global Warming

Florence J. Lucasse Lecture

Harnessing Science and Technology for Economic Development

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