Educational Quality Assessment

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Framework and graphic courtesy of
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Elements of Educational QualityElements of Educational Quality
The degree to which students attain learning outcomes; patterns of student participation in facets of the learning environment and patterns of student retention and graduation; perceptions and opinions about the learning environment; and description of the College's learning environment

Assessment Plans Assessment Plans
Guidelines for assessing educational quality, descriptions of data collection tools and approaches that will be used, and the timeline for implementation

Assessment ResourcesAssessment Resources
Information provided to help faculty and staff understand, develop, implement, communicate, and use evidence of educational quality, including institutional data and links to helpful external assessment websites

Current Assessment ActivitiesCurrent Assessment Activities
Projects and activities recently completed or currently underway to gauge educational quality, explore where potential improvements might be made, or respond to requests for accountability

Evidence of Educational QualityEvidence of Educational Quality
Results of assessment activities

Use of Evidence Use of Evidence
How evidence of student learning is used to identify areas where changes in policies and practices may lead to improvement and inform institutional decision-making, planning, goal setting, faculty development, course revision, and program review