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Kalamazoo College

Assessment Plans

framework diagram Assessing Educational Quality at Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College employs a variety of ways to assess its educational quality, including ascertaining the degree to which students attain the College's expressed learning outcomes by the time they graduate. Departmental assessment reports, analyses of transcripts, local and national surveys, focus groups, and direct measures of students' abilities are components of the College's institution-level assessment plan


Assessment Plans for Academic Programs

Kalamazoo College has more than 40 distinct and yet interrelated components in its academic program, including majors and minors situated in academic departments, interdisciplinary majors and concentrations, and experiential programs (Career and Professional Development, Service-Learning, and Study Abroad). Whereas many College programs and activities contribute significantly to the rich learning environment, academic programs comprise intentional learning experiences for students and, therefore, have developed and implemented assessment plans to guide annual assessment activity and help shape departmental decisions about curriculum and teaching. These plans are provided here to authenticated faculty and staff.