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Kalamazoo College

Evidence of Educational Quality

framework diagram In this section we provide evidence of educational quality at Kalamazoo College garnered from surveys, direct measures of student learning, and datasets that reveal characteristics of our students and alumni.

The transformative power of a Kalamazoo College education is reflected in a variety of indicators. Senior scores on the “Level of Academic Challenge” and “Enriching Educational Experiences” benchmarks of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) are consistently well above those of our Carnegie peers. In successive administrations of the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), a direct measure of skills in written communication, problem solving, and analytical reasoning, Kalamazoo seniors have performed “above expected” relative to their SAT scores, and the degree of change in CLA scores from the first to the fourth year places Kalamazoo College in the 99th percentile among colleges and universities nationally that have participated in the CLA. Kalamazoo College also ranks 17th among the nation’s four-year liberal arts colleges for the percentage of graduates who go on to earn doctoral degrees, and is the only Michigan college or university among the top 50 institutions nationally.

Links to current evidence are as follows:

1. To what degree do our students attain intended learning outcomes?

2. What are patterns of student retention and graduation?

3. What are perceptions of and opinions about the College’s learning environments?

4. Does the College have an appropriate “mix” of academic majors and programs?