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Kalamazoo College

Use of Evidence of Educational Quality

framework diagram A long-standing ethos of progressivism and educational innovation at Kalamazoo College provides a rich environment in which the practice of assessment, planning, and action flourishes. Entering this loop at any point leads to an inquiry-based and evidence-driven approach to guiding the trajectory of teaching and learning at the College. And, employing this approach fosters systemic and systematic use of evidence that enhances educational quality.

Kalamazoo College expresses its gratitude to the Teagle Foundation for supporting collection, analysis, and use of educational quality evidence, and to the Mellon Foundation for supporting curricular innovation. Grants from the Teagle Foundation in 2004 and 2008 helped catalyze and sustain evidence-driven decision making at the College. And, successive grants from the Mellon Foundation have helped the College weave a thread of continuity and integration throughout a ‘K’ education with the Shared Passages Seminar program.

Provided here are recent examples of how assessment, planning, and action has led and is leading to improvements in Kalamazoo College learning environments.