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Kalamazoo College

Critical Ethnic Studies

Conversations about Ethnic Studies at Kalamazoo College have been taking place since 1968.  Our discussions have taken many shapes and forms.  Over the last several years we've witnessed a renewed movement, and a rising range of voices that reflect our desire for a further exchange of ideas.  These pages provide the campus a collective resource for these dialogues.

Nayda Collazo-Llorens

The key to an Ethnic Studies approach is thinking, working and creating from knowledges that have been made invisible or silenced—in a way that seeks multiple voices and world views.  The founding principles of Ethnic Studies are: self-determination; solidarity among American racial minorities; educational relevance and an interdisciplinary approach.  Using these principles as guidelines for scholarship (in and outside of the classroom) Ethnic Studies questions how knowledge is defined, as well as who is defined as a thinker.