Farms to K

Farms to K is a Kalamazoo College service-learning organization.

Meeting Times:  Wednesdays 4:15pm-5:00pm

Civic Engagement Scholars: Nadia Torres and Maddie MacWilliams

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Mission Statement:  Farms to K strives to educate our school community about the importance of supporting our local food system.  We seek to build relationships between the college and local farmers to increase the amount of locally grown food served in our cafeteria and to develop and support the local food system while fostering sustainable agricultural practices and safe and fair working conditions.  Our goals grow out of our understanding that making the choice to buy and eat locally-grown food, or "Real Food" is healthier for our bodies (by providing food grown for flavor and nutrition rather than the ability to withstand shipipng), our community (by strengthening our economy and maintaining our rural heritage), our environment (by using less fossil fuel for food production and transport and encouraging sustainable land management and labor conditions) and our spirits (by nurturing connections between us, the food we eat, and the people who produce it).