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Festival Playhouse is proud to announce our 55th season: Theatre of Assumption and Confusion

Fall 2018: 

Senior Performance Series. Oct. 18-21. spells/signed by the heart by Robert Davis '19, directed by Kate Kreiss '19. Beauty's Daughter by Dael Orlandersmith, performed by Karishma Singh '19, directed by Aly Homminga '20. Don't miss the work of some of our best and brightest. Dungeon Theatre. Contains mature content.

It Can't Happen Here. Nov. 1-4. After demagogue "Buzz" Windrip is surprisingly elected president on a promise to "restore America to its former greatness and prosperity," journalist Doremus Jessup explores themes of the responsibility and freedom of the American press. Based on Sinclair Lewis' 1935 novel and directed by Guest Artist Marissa Harrington, the Michigan premiere of this funny and prescient warning couldn't be more timely. Nelda K. Balch Playhouse. Contains mature content.


Winter 2019: 

The 9th Annual Theatre Kalamazoo New Play Festival. Feb. 8-9. Featuring new plays written, performed and directed by local theatre artists including K-students. Judy Jollife Theatre in the Epic Center, Downtown Kalamazoo. The work of Ynika Yuag '21, Eleanor Hughes '21, and Robert Davis '19 will be featured. Auditions for the New Play Festival will be held Sun., Nov. 11, 5-7pm, QTK Theatre at the First Baptist Church, 315 W. Michigan Avenue downtown. Check for more details.

Senior Performance Series. Feb. 14-17. The Exception and The Rule by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Mitch Herr '19; Realm of the Dead by Hunter Himelhoch '19, directed by Louise Thomas '19. Dungeon Theatre.

Student Body by Frank Winters. Feb. 21-24. On a typical college campus, ten students gather to decide what they should do when they discover a video of a sexual encounter between a young woman and a man at a party. Has a sexual assault occurred? Whom should they tell? What is their responsibility to the truth? Directed by Guest Artist and visiting faculty member Bianca Washington. Join us for the Michigan premiere of this contemporary drama.  Nelda K. Balch Playhouse.


Spring 2019: 

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. May 16-19. One of Shakespeare's most lively comedies, this is also one of his most provocative and complex forays into love and gender identity. Who really loves whom? Will the right lovers end up with each other at the end of the play? Twelfth Night delightfully exemplifies Theatre of Assumption and Confusion. Directed by Ren Berthel. Nelda K. Balch Playhouse. 


Audition Information for Current K Students

Festival Playhouse is a proud member of Theatre Kalamazoo (TK), a consortium of theatres from Kalamazoo County. TK demonstrates that collectively we can achieve much more than we can as individual theatres--and together, we promote the very things that define what is truly special about being alive in the world, interacting with one another to celebrate humanity at large.

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Festival Playhouse gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation.