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Kalamazoo College

Majoring & Minoring in German

This is an overview of the German curriculum. Imagine yourself walking through the levels from left to right:




































(Fall & Spring)

203 (Fall)

Advanced German I: Germany Today



301 (Spring)

Introduction to

German Studies

(theme based, focus on different genres)


Food Cultures in Germany


Examples of 400-level electives:

422 Topics in German Cinema

435 Minority Cultures in Germany


430 Themes in German Literature and Culture

Example: From Vampires to the Femme Fatale: The Demons of Modernism (Winter 2018)

430 meets with 490 (Senior Seminar)

 204 (Winter)

Advanced German II:
German Stories and Histories


470 Contemporary German Culture

German 203 and 204 are parallel courses and both are required for the major. German 203 is offered in Fall quarter and 204 in Winter quarter.

Major: 8 Courses Minor: 6 Courses

203 and 204




3 electives (2 above 400)


203 or 204



2  400-level electives

Note: A maximum of two courses from Study Abroad in Bonn or Erlangen may be counted toward the German major or minor

SIP: Optional for the major, but may count as one of 8 units. Click here for general information on the Senior Individualized Project

For additional information specifically on German Senior Individualized Projects click here where you will be able to find a handbook on specifically German SIPs and have access to a record of previous German Department SIPs