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Majoring and Minoring

Requirements For the German Major

Eight units (not including GERM 101, GERM 102 or GERM 201)

Required courses:

GERM 203
GERM 204
GERM 301
GERM 470
GERM 490 (Senior Seminar)
Three electives (two 400-level German electives, the third elective may be a cognate course taught in English)

German Language Proficiency
Goethe-Zertifikat B1, B2 or C1 (offered on campus during spring quarter)

Requirements for the German Minor

Six units (not including GERM 101 or GERM 102)

Required courses:

GERM 201
GERM 203 and/or GERM 204
GERM 301
GERM 470
Two 400-level German electives

Note: A maximum of two courses from Study Abroad in Bonn or Erlangen may be counted toward the German major or minor

SIP: Optional for the major, but may count as one of 8 units. Click here for general information on the Senior Individualized Project

For additional information on German Senior Individualized Projects click here where you will be able to find a handbook on specifically German SIPs and have access to a record of previous German Department SIPs