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Kalamazoo College

SIP Timeline

The general timeline for completing a SIP in German is as follows:



By the end of May of the student's junior spring, the student should discuss possible topics with a faculty member in the department. SIP proposal forms are due to the Registrar's Office by the end of 10th week Spring quarter!


Students who plan on the standard 2-unit SIP in German should expect to conduct their research during the summer before their senior year. During this time they should also expect to keep in contact with their SIP advisor by email or meeting when necessary.


During the Fall students are expected to write their SIPs and during this process  to have frequent meetings arranged with SIP advisors. The first full draft of the SIP is due at the end of 9th week Fall quarter!!


Students should expect to make the corrections to their SIP during Winter Break. They should then expect to  turn in a final draft of their SIP no later than the end of the 1st week of Winter quarter.