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Scholarships, Grants and Internships

Knowing German can boost your future career!


Knowing German opens doors to many opportunities in the US and abroad that can boost your resumé, help you get internship experience in a wide range of fields, and help fund work and study abroad. If you’re majoring in a STEM field, you can do a paid summer internship in Germany and gain lab experience. If you’re interested in teaching or working with kids, you can teach English in Germany or Austria after graduation. If you’re interested in business, you can gain experiences with German companies in the US or abroad. And if you’re interested in politics, you can participate in a program that fosters connections between the U.S. Congress and the German Bundestag! The options are endless! Check out some of these opportunities, and talk to your German professors for more information about:

  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program - Study/Research programs as well as English Teaching Assistant positions. Open to graduating seniors and recent graduates, October annual deadline.

  • Cultural Vistas - Many internship programs ranging from 3-12 months in length. Must have 2 years of post-secondary German instruction. December 15 deadline.


Take a look at these websites for more opportunities!