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Higher Education Climate Action Letter

In the Winter of 2016, after only a few months as President, Jorge Gonzalez signed the Higher Education Climate Action Letter, affirming his and Kalamazoo College’s continued commitment to environmental sustainability. The letter, sent on January 17, 2017 to the new Congressional delegation and incoming Presidential transition team, was developed of a collaboration between Second Nature and higher education Institutions as a call to action. As of Summer 2017, the letter has been met with support from “over 235 senior leaders in higher education,” and “over 1,000 business leaders under the banner of Low Carbon USA.” Kalamazoo College is proud to be a part of this network of Institutions committed to Climate Leadership, and is working to increase the avenues by which we can interdependently support and advance Climate Leadership within and beyond our institution.

The Letter Text and Undersigned can be found at the following link: