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Advisory Councils

Climate Commitment Planning Committee

In August 2008, President Wilson-Oyelaran formed a group of faculty, staff and students to recommend actions the university needs to take to achieve its commitment of carbon neutrality.

The Climate Commitment Planning Committee dedicated its time and energy to compiling a GHG Emissions Inventory and developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Kalamazoo College, through which the greenhouse gas emissions of the campus would be lowered over time to net-zero.

As part of this effort, the CCPC commissioned a set of four, full-time paid Climate Research Fellowships to investigate energy and sustainability issues on Kalamazoo College’s campus. Finally, the CCPC pledged its support to the incorporation of local food into the college’s dining menu. The committee also conducted several community forums dealing with GHG reduction strategies.

2007-2008 and 2008-2009

  • Committee Members: (2 Administration, 2 Faculty, 2 Staff, 2 Students)
    • Paul Manstrom - Director of Facilities Managment (Chair*)
    • Olga Bonfiglio - Assistant Professor of Education
    • Brian Dietz - Assistant Dean of Students, Dir. of Student Activities and Hicks Student Center
    • Binney Girdler - Associate Professor of Biology
    • Nicholas Kelly - K '09 Chemistry Major
    • Michael McDonald - Provost
    • Marcquel Pickett - Sustainability Coordinator
    • Adam Smith - K '11 Physics Major
  • Key Issues/Programs 
    • Climate Action Plan preparation, most notably building renovation potential
    • Established the Climate Research Fellowships
    • Endorsed the "Commitment to Local Food Purchasing Policy"
    • Held several community forum on campus GHG reduction strategies

Sustainability Task Force

The staff recommended the creation of the Kalamazoo College Sustainability Task Force comprised of trustees, faculty, students, and staff. The responsibility of the task force is to make recommendations to the Board regarding our response to the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and to develop a sustainability policy for the College, including core values and operating principles to guide our future efforts in this important area.

  • Committee Members: (1 Administration, 7 Trustees, 1 Staff, 1 Faculty, 2 Students)
    • Dick Yehle - Chair of the Sustainability Task Force (Chair)
    • Paul Manstrom - Director of Facilities Management
    • Roger Brownell - Trustee
    • Helen Etkin - Trustee
    • Alfred Gemrich - Trustee
    • West Nelson - Trustee
    • Gail Raiman - Trustee
    • Jon Stryker - Trustee
    • Jane Hoinville - Prospect Researcher
    • Jim Prince - Vice President for Business and Finance
    • Bruce Mills - Professor of English
    • Chris Hutchinson - Physics Student
    • Jillian McLaughlin - Political Science Student
  •  Goals 
    • The College is required to submit a Climate Action Plan by next January at the latest so the initial focus will be on the establishment of the parameters of that plan.

*Reports directly to College President