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On campus, staff and faculty can often be the best resources for getting involved with sustainability. As the biggest leaders of what's going on in the classroom or throughout campus, these people know the direct impact of sustainability on our campus.

Contact Information:

Paul Manstrom, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
(269) 337-7308

As the Director of Facilities Management, Paul Manstrom oversees renovations, new construction, and building operations.  Paul has worked tirelessly with students, staff, faculty, and the administration to implement the requirements of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Binney Girdler, Associate Professor of Biology and Co-Director of Environmental Studies Program
(269) 337-5977

Dr. Girdler received her B.A. from the University of Virginia before heading to Yale University for a Master's in Environmental Studies and then a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Trained as a plant ecologist, Dr. Girdler's primary research focuses on threatened and invasive plant species, especially in Great Lakes shoreline communities. Locally, Dr. Girdler also works with prairie and stream ecosystem restoration, biodiversity monitoring, and local food systems.  At the College, she co-directs the Environmental Studies Program and is the Director of the Lillian Anderson Arboretum. Beyond integrating sustainability into her teaching and research,  Dr. Girdler has over 15 years of experience working with community partners on conservation biology and other environmental issues.  She currently serves on the Executive Board of the Kalamazoo Nature Center.


Ahmed Hussen, Professor of Economics and Business, Co-director of Environmental Studies Program
(269) 337-7025

Dr. Hussen is an expert in environmental and natural resource economics and the author of Principles of Environmental Economics.  Hussen is currently working on the third edition of the textbook.  He completed undergraduate studies at Lewis and Clark College and then received his Master's and Ph.D. from Oregon State University.


Rob Townsend, Director of the Recycling Department
(269) 337-7254

Rob Townsend has served as the Director of the Recycling Department since 1992.  He has a keen ability to connect with students and work in conjunction with student organizations.  Since then, he has expanded the department to include a resource recovery room, a bike-rental program, and an e-waste program.  He also led K-College to a Grand Champion title in the 2008 RecycleMania competition.

Alison Geist, Director of the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning
(269) 337-7432

 Alison Geist heads the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning.  Geist began working at K-College in 1997 and played an instrumental role in establishing the Institute for Service-Learning with faculty and community partners.  Under her leadership, the Institute has developed several programs that incorporate sustainability, ranging from community gardens, to programs focusing on migrant public health and pesticide outreach, and supporting the Farms to K student group in bringing local food to campus.  Geist has also mentored several students in sustainability-related research and grant projects.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Kiyoto Tanemura, Recycling Communication Intern

Kiyoto is a senior chemistry/mathematics major at K that enjoys learning about plant biosynthesis and talking about all the ways we can be sustainable on campus. Between classes and work, he is often found walking his dog and drinking coffee.

Harrison T. Parkes

Harrison Parkes, HUB/REP Intern

Harrison Parkes, a junior at Kalamazoo College, oversees and manages two recycling programs at K, Helping Understand Bikes (HUB) and the Resource Exchange Program (REP). The purpose of these programs is to promote recycling in unconventional manners. When Harrison is not in the Bat Cave (HUB/REP location), you can often find him making a new sculpture or engage in some other kind of creative endeavor on or off campus.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Michelle Sugimoto, Sports Recycling Intern

 Michelle is this year’s sports intern, a new position in the recycling program as of Spring quarter 2015.  She is also one of two LEED student auditors for the new Fitness and Wellness  Center. This is also an experimental position, created to satisfy the College community’s push for LEED certification of new projects.  Michelle is essentially the sustainability guinea pig. Which is ok with her because she thinks guinea pigs are really cool, along with Avatar (THE SHOW) and change ringing in the chapel.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Dylan Polcyn, Composting Intern

As a member of the K-College Compost Team I help run and promote the college's composting initiatives, which are the following:

-Collecting organic waste from the school coffee shop, living learning houses, President's house, Richardson Room, and the Land Sea office. 

-Once a week we collect food waste from students living off campus, which usually is between 20 and 30 houses.

-We collect all the food waste coming from the cafeteria which we process through large scale composting vessels called Earth Tubs (or the Tubbies).

Now in its fourth year, the composting program is continuing to develop and become more engrained in everyday sustainable practices for every member of the K Community. In years to come we hope to expand and help further Kalamazoo College's goals to become a sustainable campus.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Andrea Pruden, Special Events Intern

Andrea is a senior at K double majoring in Art History and Studio Art. When she isn't working on her SIP or covering special events, she can be found hoarding tea and naming trees.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Ogden Wright, Student LEED Auditor

Ogden is a 3/2 Engineering Major, studying Physics at Kalamazoo College and Civil Engineering at Western Michigan University. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, he is passionate about sustainable development and, when he isn't pursuing his studies or projects, he can be found sharing a laugh with those around him.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Margot Couraud, Sustainability Intern

Margot is a senior biology major with a minor in psychology. Throughout this upcoming year she is looking forward to working with K College but also with surrounding schools like Western Michigan University and the greater Kalamazoo community.  She is excited to explore and grow relationships pertaining to all things related to sustainability but with an emphasis on food. In her free time, you can find her running around Kalamazoo and observing bugs.

Sustainability Staff 2015

Quinby Hunter, Recycling Program and Rounds Coordinator

My job is to manage a lot of the day to day operations of the Recycling Department.  I make sure that the recycling is being picked up from all of the buildings and that it is sorted properly. I also do the scheduling for the department and handle a lot of the organization, making sure that what needs to be done gets done.

Chris Cribbs 

Chris Cribbs, Energy Intern

I do stuff with the power.

Shannon Haupt 

Shannon Haupt, Sustainability Intern

Shannon Haupt home state is Virginia, but she spends most of the year living in Kalamazoo or leading incoming K first years through the Adirondack National Park in New York. She is involved in environmental justice organizing both on campus and in the community. When choosing Kalamazoo College for her undergraduate education, Shannon had no idea that she would find herself in a region so severely impacted by Tar Sands oil extraction and transport. The Kalamazoo River, the site of the largest inland oil spill in U.S. history, continually strengthens her resolve to advocate for socially responsible investment policies by the college, and to build Midwest resistance to current and future Tar Sands extraction and pipelines from Alberta Canada through the Great Plains. She is a co-founder and active member of the Kalamazoo College Climate Action Network (KCCAN), and strives to work at the intersection of racial and environmental justice. This work inspires Shannon to constantly question what solidarity and allyship look like, and to explore the many different avenues for building justice and democracy on a local level. Shannon is also the Environmental Studies Departmental Student Advisor, and a Sustainability Intern for the 2015-2016 school year, with special focus on building new and strengthening existing connections between sustainably minded folks and initiatives in the Kalamazoo area.